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Foreign Service Exam 外交官試験

Foreign Service Exam 外交官試験

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Recently, I have been studying about about American politics. The reason being that I am going to take a very hard test next year. That test is called the Foreign Service Exam. If you want to join the American Foreign Service, you have to take that test. My ALT position here ends in August, 2006, and immediately after that I want to find another ALT job somewhere in Japan, but my long-term goals are to become a Foreign Service Officer (FSO). Being an FSO can be tough at times, but I think it will be an amazing job. Most FSOs work at American embassies oversees. An embassy is like a small country, so there are a lot of interesting jobs to do. For example, the Public Affairs Officer is the voice of America in other countries. Everyday they go in front of the foreign media and hold press conferences on America policy. Political Officers have to know both foreign countries and America very well. They hold meetings with foreign politicians and report to Washington. Economic Officers are always looking for American business opportunities in foreign countries. They have to know how to identify emerging markets. Consular Officers are at the front line of the embassy. They meet with hundreds of foreigners and Americans everyday. Management Officers are the overseers of the embassies. From arranging a presidential visit to setting up the embassy's information management systems, they have to me jacks-of-all-trades. Of all those, I want to become a Management Officer. Working all over the world seems very interesting, but the Foreign Service Exam is very hard, so I will study hard! I have to know about American politics, world affairs, economics, management, and even math. I will work hard and do my best for sure!

  • So if you don't pass these exams and get re-hired over there, does that mean you'll be wanting your speakers back?
    • Perhaps the day wil cme when I would like to have my speakers back, but I doubt that day will be anytime soon. :)
  • Good luck! It sounds hard but very rewarding. Follow your dream!
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