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Fail! 失敗!

Fail! 失敗!

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天気: 晴 行事: 赤来中


Journal for 2005-6-30 Thu..
Weather: Sunny   Plan: Akagi JHS

I became an office worker today. I didn't have any classes, but I had a lot of other work to do. As I do every month, I made my monthly schedule and FAXed it to the Board of Education. I also made and sent out my English Conversation Class flyers for this month. In the afternoon, I went to teach at Iinan High School, but the students weren't in high spirits today. After school I took a test for the JET Program Translation and Interpretation Self-Study Course. Unfortunately, I failed it miserably. That means that I wil not be alowed to take that course.

Today's Kanji
Meaning (意味): give birth, produce

Chinese Reading (音読み):
Reading Romaji 
Japanese Reading (訓読み):
Reading Romaji 
Vocabulary (単語):
Word Reading Romaji Translation 
産むうむumuto give birth
産まれるうまれるumareruto be born
産休さんきゅうsankyuumaternity leave
産地さんちsanchiproducing area
不動産ふどうさんfudousanreal estate

Trevor Lalish-Menagh
  • aw, man, that's a big zannen that you screwed up the interpretation test. I've been denied even taking the test for three years because they refuse to make a budget for me to go to the seminar if I get into the course. I thought stupid big cities are supposed to have more money than middle of nowhere inakas. :P
    • That sucks. I was really pissed off with myself, but it was SO over my level it was sad. I am going to try hard to study by myself this next year.
      • egads, the translation one must be rough. I want(ed) to take the pedelogy course because at some point in the long ago past, someone in my office took it and left two of the books in some desk, and since they're all in english, they gave them to me. It looks(looked) like a really interesting course with culture interpretations and how the japanese (and some english) language derived itself. It's too bad you can't just take the damn course without the seminar - I couldn't even give a shit less about a certificate for it, I just want to get the rest of the books because it offers such interesting insight to japanese and english - and I haven't found the texts in some sort of form I can buy elsewhere. T_T
        It seems so ridiculous that they won't let you at least get the texts and study along with them without completing the course. Who the hell wants to take the same advanced course three frigging times? It's a waste of paper to do the same exact damn thing three times in a row. *sigh*
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