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Dream a Dream

Dream a Dream

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So, Dealer Dave let me barrow his GameShark and I have been playing a ton
of DDR Import games I got from work! It's way awesome! I wish they all had
the 5th Mix UI though. I really dislike the 4th Mix UI and grading system,
but the songs are great.

We started watching Buffy season 6 on Monday (woohoo! almost caught up),
Signe keeps recording over season 7 shows though, so we might have to see
if Cordy (teehee, aren't I pal-ish) has the season 7 episodes we are
missing recorded.

The JET apps are in Washington DC and we are waiting for the reply to make
sure everything was OK with them. I hope it all works out, I really want
to go.

Signe and I are going swing dancing at the Agenda on Friday. I am way
looking forward to it, we haven't been in quite some time, all we do these
days dancing-wise is play DDR.

Anyway, here is to good times ahead!
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    • Things are going ok. We are as poor as ever though. Unemployment is dwindling and we don't make too much money anymore, so that can be dishearting. Besides that things are going well.

      Still searching for a job, but it is tough when you work all day and come home tired it is tough to work up the energy.

      How is the the ATF to FEaST transition coming?
  • Woo hoo, Buffy! I heard seasons 4, 5, and 6 aren't as good as 1-3 (except for "Hush" and "Once Again With Feeling"). Do you agree? How is 7? I've only started on 2.

    Woo hoo, swing!
    • In my opinion all of 4 and most of 5 sucked big time. They introduce a mega lame character called "Riley" aka Captian Cardboard.

      The end of 5 was pretty cool and the new character introduced in 5 is pretty cool too.

      I am liking 6 a lot. The bad guys are comedy gold. Although as seasons go you can't beat 1-3, they were really good. I think 2 is my favorite.

      7 is OK so far, "Him" was a great episode. The big bad was just introduced too. We will see how the rest of the season goes. I am still interested in it though.
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