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Dream a Dream

So, Dealer Dave let me barrow his GameShark and I have been playing a ton
of DDR Import games I got from work! It's way awesome! I wish they all had
the 5th Mix UI though. I really dislike the 4th Mix UI and grading system,
but the songs are great.

We started watching Buffy season 6 on Monday (woohoo! almost caught up),
Signe keeps recording over season 7 shows though, so we might have to see
if Cordy (teehee, aren't I pal-ish) has the season 7 episodes we are
missing recorded.

The JET apps are in Washington DC and we are waiting for the reply to make
sure everything was OK with them. I hope it all works out, I really want
to go.

Signe and I are going swing dancing at the Agenda on Friday. I am way
looking forward to it, we haven't been in quite some time, all we do these
days dancing-wise is play DDR.

Anyway, here is to good times ahead!
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