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the Trev Report (01/07/2003)

Well, here it comes again, late but here. Your monthly Trev Report, wherein lies your salvation...but not really. And now, on with the report!

Trev's Lovelife
Signe and I are doing well, as usual. The holidays were a bit rocky. Signe's parents were planning on coming down but couldn't make it, but we did get to see Emmett, which was way awesome! Signe is still working at the movie theater so thing still move along. We went on a cloths buying spree a while back and now we both have some new clothes, which is nice, since I can't remember the last pair of pants I bought. :)

Trev's Work
The old mantra, I love my job, now if they just paid me more to do it. :) I really like RedOctane, the people are great, it is a fun and rewarding place to work, but I am barely being paid enough to get by. This is not what I thought life after college would be like. Even though my job at iambic left me constantly depressed and never satisfied, at least I could pay the bills. My search continues for a new job, but there aren't too many bits out there these days.

Trev's Anime
FanimeCon is picking up. Andrew and I are starting to get panelists for the convention in June, and my docket of American guests is almost full.
No-Name didn't have a Dec. meeting so I haven't seen the No-Name guys in a while, but just the other day Robert stopped by and gave me an Azumanga Daioh calendar, which was really rad of him. We are starting showings up again this month.
As for new stuff I am watching, I really haven't been watching much. I'm trying to get through Gasaraki, but it isn't holding my interest. Beyond that I haven't been doing the anime thing too much.
I did finish Chrono Trigger for PSX though and am now playing Chrono Cross. Which are both good games. I have Saga Frontier to play after that too.
As for watching stuff, Signe and I have been watching Buffy lately. I think we have seen most of the episodes from seasons 1-7 and some of Angel season 4. That is fun stuff.

Trev's DDR
We have only been playing DDR off and on for the past few months. We have all the mixes for the PSX (3rd Mix is Signe and my favorite) and play them every now and again. When Emmett was down my anime buddy Brian Papp came up to visit from Ft. Hood where he is stationed in the Army and we introduced them to the fantastic times to be had playing the game.

trv no go
When Emmett as here we played some Go which was very cool. I really miss playing with live people, but I can't get up the energy to go down to the Go club on Tuesday nights anymore. I do still play at "ItsYourTurn" though, user name is still "jumex," come challenge me anytime.

Trev's Computers
The computer is working great as always. We don't do much on it except for IMing, email, budget stuff, and web surfing though.
I have some ideas for some projects I want to do, but I need to get the energy and motivation to do them. These days I get home from work, which is 8 hours of non-stop talking and busy work that I don't want to do much of anything.

Trev's Movies
We have watched all the "blockbusters" of the holiday season. I can't recall them all, nothing really stood out as fantastic. LotR: TTT was cool to watch, and I liked watching Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant (sweet!) as well, but nothing to hoot and holler over.

Trev's Friends
Just got a call from my best man, Scott. He moved into a new pad in Seattle and is doing well working his way into becoming a 3D art genius!
Brian Papp's visit was great, if not short. I gave him most of my fansubbed anime (muhahaha) so he could spread the wealth. It was just collecting dust in my closet and from the sounds of it; I think Specialist Papp is turning his entire division into Otaku, one soldier at a time.
The get together at Paul's house was fun, as always. Paul is a great host and it is always great to go over there and talk anime and relax.
For Christmas my Dad got me this great print of the cover of the first "Exiles" book by Michael Whelan, which is too cool. It is hanging at our entrance to greet people as they enter.

Well, that is it for this not too exciting holiday edition of the Trev Report. Hopefully there will be more interesting stuff in the next report. As always I love hearing from all of you, so keep in touch.

Until next time,
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