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Rethinking becoming a Cosplayer...

Rethinking becoming a Cosplayer...

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I just saw this great video that was taken at Fanimecon (because my boy Dave) is in it! (I got it from SE).

You know when you are in the anime fandom loop you just don't realize quite how geeky you become...until it's too late. I felt embarressed and ashamed yet amused while I was watching this.
  • This was actually from last year's Fanime. They were there filming again, so there should be one for this year, but I haven't seen it yet.
  • Dddooooooo eeeetttttt
  • But... Fucking... damnit you're right.

    But... CosPlay is fun. *whimper*
    (psst, that's me in the white thing).

    When I eventually get my own photos up, I'll probably say more. But I still haven't even developed them.
    • D00d, you are going to have to get your explain on with that costume, boyo. What be you (pics of the character also welcome)?
  • On another note, having watched the video... I'm confidant that this guy encouraged them, and asked them about what they were dressed as, and what it's about... which is impossible to answer in a sensible way.

    I think it's comparable to making a video of people being short-tempered when they've just gotten off of the freeway during Rush-Hour and then saying, "Man, people are so short-tempered these days!"

    Most geeks (and especially me) are more or less easy to deal with in non-geeky ways, but if you ask, and they (I) actually believe you want an answer... So I guess what I'm trying to get at here is... sure they are (and I am) geeks... but they were provoked into appearing worse than they probably are.
    • The thing that makes it really funny is that they all use the first person to explain the characters they are representing with their costumes. (I am...) I'm sure they were egged on, but it is still comedy gold.
  • I can totally sympathize with those people. Really now, have you ever tried to explain the plot of some shows to a non-fan and not sound like a super geek? It is quite difficult to do, and I'm sure that is just how those people felt. Greyface is right, we really can carry a normal conversation...honest! The camera never helps me either since I tend to be a little camera shy.

    On the other hand...Yes. I laughed my ass off at some of that! Great vid!
  • I can give you like 10 reasons not cosplay, having quit cosplaying ;)

    But that walking around and having people ask what your dressed at (when I'm in a t-shirt and jeans) happens...and so does that whole believing whatever bullshit line you tell them...hence, pretty combat communist rika-chan's birth ;)
    • Go Rika-chan GO GO!

      OK, do your list of ten. I am interested in seeing what you think of the bad side of cosplaying.
  • Hell yeah baby! That's me! I'm a freakin' star now...

    Well actually no, but Todd from Kwoon is a pretty cool guy, and he always enjoys FanimeCon.

    Trev, I can't wait to see you there in the future, for you're triumphant return. Andy & Jason Ebner now do LP.

    Peace out!
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