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Audioblog for 2005-09-05 "3rd Year"

Audioblog for 2005-09-05 "3rd Year"

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Listen to my audio recording of the blog entry "3rd Year" on 2005-09-05.
  • I listened to the other one that you posted and it was definitely japanese. It only sounded like english speaking trevor at the start.
    • So, I speak the title, first in English, then Japanese, then I read the Japanese, and then the English, then the kanji for practice.

      Do you think I should seperate the three?
  • He speaks! I like the audioblog here Trev. Keep them going!

    I think having the three separate sections in one blog is just fine since it is how your text blog is set up. Also, they are short enough that it should not be that great of an issue. If you get to longer audio (like my rambling rants or the TrevReport) you may want to split them up.

    One suggestion: I'm going to assume your core audience is english speaking so maybe do the english version then the japanese followed by the kanji? Just a thought. Who knows, there may be a huge cult of japanese readers out there that I don't know of!
    • Maybe I'll do that. It wouldn't change things that much.

      On an interesting side note, I got an email from a random Japanese person stating that they used my blog to practice English! Crazy, huh?
  • Bloody...hit submit then remembered I wanted to ask this. What microphone/software are you using? It sounds pretty good and I've been thinking about the whole audioblog/podcasting thing all day....
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