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the Trev Report (02/07/2003)

Hello all, and welcome once again to this month's Trev
Report! Where you get you hear all the stuff you ever
wanted to know about your good buddy Trev!

Trev's Lovelife
Signe and I are surviving. I just got word that I got to
the interview stage of the JET program, but Signe didn't
make it, so our future is still unknown. I am going to push
though and try to get into the program, and we will go from
there. If I make it in I have no idea what we will do, then
again, if I don't make it in, I have no idea what we will
do. The future is wide open to us now, only time will tell.

Trev's Work
Work is great! Man, I love my job. $12/hr., but the people
are great. So I have started working on some non-customer
service projects now too. Mainly, I am in charge of
organizing our dealer's booths at anime conventions we will
be attending around the country this year. That means I get
a free ride to: AX, DragonCon, ACen, Otakon, WonderCon, and
Fanime...oh wait, I already get a free ride there.
I have also been put in charge of starting our anime DVD
rental program! Isn't that cool! We are going to start
renting anime DVDs as well as video games, and I'm the guy
they want to do it. This is so rad.

Trev's Anime
Arg! I need to start getting on the ball with Fanime stuff.
There are plane tickets to be bought, panels to set up,
rooms to organize, and all that stuff. Thank goodness I
have Andrew Tei to help me out with all of it. He has been
a great help.
No-Name is going as well as ever, watching stuff, having
fun, although I haven't watched much anime outside of club
in quite some time. What is becoming of me! :P

Trev's DDR
So, we just got the new metal pad shipment in at work and a
couple of us have been hitting the DDR trying to see how
much it takes to crack the new arrows. I don't think they
are all that improved, but we haven't been able to crack
them yet, which is a good thing.

Trev's Games
My go playing is coming along. I still play on Signe and I have been introduced to the
great board game, Settlers of Catan! It is really fun, and
if you are in the area and we haven't made you come over
yet and play it, then come on down! It is a fun trading
game, sort of a cross between Diplomacy and Risk.
We are also both hooked on the PlayStation RPG, Chrono
Cross. Signe is good at it too; she is way ahead of me in
the game. It is real fun playing video games together; I
never thought I would see the day.

Trev's Computers
I have taken Mike's old Dual PIII 700 out of the closet and
have started turning it into a Debian Linux 2.4 box. I
really like Debian, the install process is really nice,
although I am still having troubles with most of my
hardware. XFree86 won't recognize my Hercules 3d Prophet
DDR-DVI. I am having a hard time getting it to recognize
the EtherExpress card I have too, so I ended up burning all
the Debian CDs for woody (Debian 3.0r1) onto CD-Rs. I'm
about to install my DVD player on it as well.

Trev's Movies
We watch a few movies every now and again. The last one we
saw was "Chicago", which was very cool. We enjoyed it a
lot, although I like musicals...and Ren�e Zellweger and
Catherine Zeta-Jones in great outfits. :) Oh, and "Just
Married" was awesome, in that cheesy movie way. We just saw
a couple cool indie films from Netflix, "The Snapper" and
"Croupier." If you get a chance, rent them out.

Trev's Friends
Dad found a place about 30 minutes south of us on a Country
Club (with 2 golf courses!) so we are really excited for
him. It is good to see that he is settling here well.
Because of the Settlers of Catan we have been little social
butterflies lately, inviting people over and whatnot. Just
last weekend we had Signe's cousins over to visit and we
went up to visit Danielle, an old college friend of mine,
in Belmont. Social indeed. :D

That's about it for this month's edition of the Trev
Report. I hope to hear from all of you! Have a great month-
o-love (and don't forget March 2nd, which is Dr. Seuss's
birthday...and mine, woot!).

Take care,
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